Arm lift surgery (or brachioplasty) is becoming increasingly popular and sought-after. A tight upper arm does not seem all that difficult to achieve, and yet those having problems with it know all too well that it is one of the most problematic areas indeed.

When we suggest arm lift surgery?

As a result of natural ageing or sudden weight loss, the skin of the upper arm may lose elasticity and develop an excess of skin commonly known as “bingo wing”. Brachioplasty is also an option if excessive localised fat deposits should form in the upper arm. Any of these may cause inconveniences in everyday life; in the worst case it may even complicate the process of getting dressed. Arms are also difficult to hide in the summer.

Arm lift surgery

Brachioplasty is not the most common cosmetic surgery, mainly because recovery takes somewhat more time than many cosmetic procedures, and the scars may also cause inconvenience. Patients should always consider how much discomfort the sagging skin causes in their everyday lives. The amount of excess skin determines the extent of the intervention, and accordingly determines the duration of the surgery, which is typically between 60-90 minutes. If the amount of sagging skin is minimal and the problem is mostly caused by excessive fat deposits, liposuction may suffice: the skin, due to its elasticity, will regain its natural original tightness. However, if there is a moderate amount of excess skin on the under portion of the upper arm, the plastic surgeon makes a small incision on the underarm near the armpit and removes the excess skin. If necessary this procedure can also be enhanced by liposuction.

If the sagging excess skin extends to the entire upper arm, the incision may span from the armpit (if it is also affected) to just above the elbow. If liposuction sufficiently solves the problem, recovery is much quicker, as instead of incisions only a minor cut is required. A compression armband or garment is to be worn for 4 to 6 weeks even if only liposuction is performed. The procedure generally requires the patient to stay at the hospital for one night. Some swelling is normal to occur for 2-3 weeks after the surgery. The sutures are removed after 2-3 weeks. The compression garment is to be worn for 6 weeks. Unless the patient’s job requires physical work, she can resume working even after 1 week. The arm will fully heal within 2-3 months, with only a thin scar remaining visible on the underside of the arm.


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