Breast Reduction

Though some people (usually men) consider it an asset some patients often suffer nagging physical problems that cause great discomfort. Overly large breasts can be the source of back and neck pain, sometimes breathing difficulties, and problems that can even lead to skeletal deformities.

Breast reduction involves removing fat and excess skin as well as repositioning of the breasts. During consultation with the surgeon the patient explains her goals and expectations while the surgeon briefly explains the procedure and the results that can be expected.

This process can not only reduce the volume of the breast but also can be used to shape, lift and tighten the area, adding better contour and aesthetically more desirable results.

Surgical procedure of breast reduction

So this therapy does not only eliminate the medical conditions like the pain in the back and neck, but also enhance the appearance of the breasts. Undergoing this operation offers relief from the uncomfortable properties of too big breast while the result became more lifted and tight. The flimsier and firmer breast can result that the patient will find greater enjoyment in sports and physical activity.

The Surgery:

Technically known as Reduction Mammoplasty the most common way of performing breast reduction surgery involves an anchor shaped (or inverted T shaped) incision that circles the areolea (the darker pigmented area around the nipples), continues down to the underside of the breasts and then follows horizontally under the breasts.

This surgery is performed under general anesthetic and if desired it is possible to reduce breast weight and volume by fifty percent. If healing proceeds as normally expected the scars that remain after this procedure will be flat, that is, the scars will not be elevated from the surface of the skin, resulting in smooth skin surface when touching it. Also in about a year after surgery the scars will be nearly invisible. During the process there is also a possibility to reposition the nipples.

After the process the recovery takes some time, and during the first menstruation after the surgery some patients can feel painful breast enlargement but this is properly manageable. To reach the final result needs some time, as the lifted tissues settle upon and into the chest.

As in almost every plastic surgery procedure, after the operation the patients need some time to adjust the new body image, but we should also mention that the level of patient satisfaction after breast reduction is one of the highest in plastic surgery.

The process is not recommended during lactation or shortly after that period.


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