Calf plastic in the aesthetic sense

Calf Implant surgery (Calf Augmentation ) is for those men and women who, even after extensive muscular development, are not satisfied with the size or toning of their calf muscles.

The procedure results in shapelier, more muscular lower legs, often desired by both sexes. However the desired shapes are mostly different thus needing different solutions for creating the optimal results. While men mainly seek to enhance the bulk of the calf muscle, women typically want implants for anatomical balance, to reach more proportionate lower legs compared to thighs.

A very important element of Calf Implantation is determining the proper shape and size of the implant. This is usually based on the skill of the surgeon, who evaluates the proportions correctly and places the implant in proper position.

Sculpting the calf for the desired shape can be achieved by different techniques, leaving a wide variety of choices for the patients.

The procedure of calf plastic surgery

Sculpting the calf for the desired shape can be achieved by different techniques, leaving a wide variety of choices for the patients.

Silicone implants

The silicone filled implants (similar to breast implants) are placed through small incisions in the creases behind the knees. The implants are placed in a ‘pocket’ created by the surgeon, between the fibrous membrane covering the muscle, called fascia, and the muscle itself.

During recovery period we recommend wearing compression stockings for 3 weeks. In about 6 weeks time all activities including sports can be pursued. Using silicone implants to shape the body is well documented, widely and successfully used technique in plastic surgery.

Fat Injection, Fat Transfer

This procedure (also known as Autologus Fat Transplantation) is injections of the patient’s own fat to increase the mass or volume in desired areas of the body. It involves the harvesting of fat from a donor site, like the tummy or thighs, using a fine liposuction instrument. After harvesting the fat is prepared and injected back into the desired area. The advantages of this procedure are the lack of allergic reactions because the patient’s own fat cells are used. This technique can be ideal for those, who do not want to use artificial implants but want to reach the desired results anyway. Recovery time after this surgery also minimal, most patients can return to their normal activity within a week. Another advantage of this technique, that it can be achieved by minimal scars.

Calf Augmentation with Macrolane;

Macrolane, a hyaluronic acid based filler also used for Wrinkle Treatments, can also be used to add volume to the calves. However, for Calf Augmentation we use a specific type of Macrolane filler with higher viscosity. In about 2 years the Macrolane is totally absorbed by the body and the procedure needs to be repeated. We recommend this procedure to those patients who desire to have shapelier calves but are apprehensive about the more permanent solution such as calf implants. Macrolane is naturally occurring substance and can be used for shaping various parts of the body. The substance used successfully over the world for more than 15 million beauty treatment. This procedure, just like the fat grafting does not require big scars.


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