Dr. Zsolt László

Chief Plastic Surgeon, MD

Pasarét Clinic Plastic Surgery Budapest

Dr. Zsolt László is one of the best known and most recognized plastic surgeons in Hungary. He graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine of SOTE, Budapest in 1992. Then he passed his surgical examination with excellent results as a surgeon in the Surgery Department of St. John's Hospital, where he has been practicing ever since, as a part-time chief physician since 2005.

He also passed his plastic surgery examination in 2002 with an excellent result. Dr. Zsolt László expanded his professional experience with Hungarian and European medical practices. He worked as a physician in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Aarau Central Hospital in Switzerland and then as in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Milan-based European Institute of Oncology for nearly a year.

In Hungary he gained internships at the Department of Plastic Surgery and Burns of St. Stephen's Hospital and at the Department of Plastic Surgery of St. Elizabeth's Hospital. Dr. Zsolt László founded his private plastic surgery, Oxivit Ltd. in 2002. In parallel he worked for five years in St. Francis Hospital together with Mamma Rt as the chief physician of the breast cancer surgical reconstruction and plastic surgery department.

He performed breast cancer and breast reconstruction surgeries at his Széptest/BeautyBody plastic surgery that was founded in 2012, and has been operating here as a managing plastic surgeon. In 2020 he opened his own exclusive Pasarét Clinic in Budapest, where he continues to work in his private professional plastic surgery practice.

Dr. Zsolt László is a member of many scientific societies, a frequent media player, he keeps up-to-date with the latest results of the profession and incorporates them into his daily practice.

Professional training courses and conferences

  • 1995 Aarau – Microsurgery course.
  • 2000 Düsseldorf – breast augmentation and reconstruction course.
  • 2000 Milan – breast plastic surgery course.
  • 2000 Florence – European Breast Cancer Congress
  • 2002 Brussels – European Breast Cancer Congress
  • 2003 Vienna – EURAPS Congress
  • 2004 Budapest – International Breast Reconstruction Course
  • 2004 Budapest – Plastic Surgery Symposium
  • 2004 Nyiregyháza, Hungary – MPHST X. Congress
  • 2005 Vienna – 10th Congress ESPRAS
  • 2006 Prague – 4th Central European Advanced Course in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • 2006 XII Congress of Pécs - MPHST
  • 2006 New York – Advances in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery-The Cutting Edge VI Symposium
  • 2008 Siófok – Plastic Surgery Congress
  • 2009 Bucharest – Plastic Surgery Congress
  • 2009 Amsterdam – Plastic Surgery Congress
  • 2009 Stocholm – Macrolane course
  • 2010 Szeged – Plastic Surgery Congress
  • 2010 San Francisco – Plastic Surgery Congress

Scientific society memberships

Hungarian Surgical Society / MST /, the Hungarian Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons / MPHEST /, the International Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery / IPRAS /.

Profession of faith

It is the natural desire of almost every person to change their appearance, whether it is to correct the consequences of birth defects, accidents or illnesses. With 20 years of professional experience behind me I claim, sculpture is more than just changing our external features, it contributes to a better quality of life, a positive attitude, expands our possibilities and has a long-term, positive impact on our lives. Of course, it’s another case when someone wants to change herself in an extreme way, or they think they are going to be a more valuable people if they plasticize almost everything. In such cases, it is also my responsibility to present the limitations and unwanted results of plastic surgery.

From the beginning, I have been constantly striving to help women and men who turn to me for advice in a personalized way and to the highest quality. My experience is complemented by a high-quality environment, a demanding team, high-quality materials, cutting-edge technical equipment and a wide range of services.


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