When is the intervention justified?

Badly shaped ears can ruin someone’s life and give negative overall impression. Battling protruding or otherwise problematic ears and winning the fight can be best achieved by ear surgery. Correcting these problems can dramatically enhance the facial impression.

Ear Surgery can improve the shape, position, or proportion of the ears. It can correct misshapen ears present at birth or caused by injury. Using this procedure offers permanent solution and involves only local anaesthtic so even those who afraid of general anaesthesia can undergo this operation. So it is not a surprise that ear pinning surgery has become one of the most requested cosmetic process recently.

The Ear Surgery

The most common procedure is Ear Pinning performed to correct protruding ears.

The ears are fully developed by age 4, hence most ear pinning procedures are performed after this age. Curing prominent ears before the elementary school by ear pinning can save your kid from a source of embarrassment, but the operation can also be performed on adults. Ear Pinning is usually performed in an outpatient setting with local anesthetics and takes about 1-1.5hrs. The procedure is usually painless. The incisions are made at the back of the ears in areas where they are invisible. Through these incisions the surgeon reshapes or removes cartilage and sutures the ears in the desired position.

After surgery over the counter medication is used for local pain control and a turban -like bandage is worn for 7-10 days to allow the cartilage to heal in its new position. After this period we recommend using a band-like dressing during sleep for 2-3 weeks. Complications of Ear Surgery are the same as with all surgeries (infections, bleeding, scar formation, etc) but easily managed. Overall ear surgery can greatly and permanently better the facial impression and can perfectly cure from the embarrassing quality of badly shaped ears.


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