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Some women with very large or deformed labia often experience discomfort, or feel embarrassed about the size of their vaginal labia. Tenderness and irritation because of constant friction can make it unpleasurable for these women to play sports, ride a bicycle or engage in sexual intercourse. The enlargement of the vagina can be caused by several factors from aging to multiple childbirth, hormones to genetic heritage.

The Labiaplasty surgery

Labiaplasty surgery can reduce the outward appearance of large or deformed labia (labia minor, labia major) and also corrects misshapenness or irregularities.

Before the operation it is important that the patient and the surgeon, with the aid of a mirror, make a detailed plan regarding the quantity of tissues to be excised. This practice goes a long way in assuring satisfaction with the results.

Because of the sensitivity of the area most labiaplasty surgeries are performed under general anesthetic, however in case of patient request, can be performed under local anesthetic. In this case slight discomfort may be felt during administration of the anesthetic but not much else afterwards.

Until recently labiaplasty surgery was performed using a simple procedure in which each labium minor is trimmed from top to bottom in order to reduce its size. Using this method generally yields good results although a firm scar along the edge of the labia as well as pigmentary color differences can be a concern.

A newer technique that has been developed uses the “wedge” excision when a triangular section of the labia is removed and the cut sutured. Using this technique the scar lines are better hidden and pigmentary differences do not occur.

This procedure takes about 1.5 hrs and it is best performed by an experienced surgeon in this type of operations, as it requires very precise execution and experience in tissue matching.


For this operation in our clinic we employ self absorbing materials to suture the tissues together hence there is no need to return to remove the stitches. Usual recovery time is about 10 to 14 days. Any swelling should subside in about 2 weeks. The scars will be considered completely healed in about 2-3 months revealing their final shape.

With similar techniques hoodectomy (or clitoral unhooding) can be performed which removes the extra skin that surround the clitoris. This process recommended when one’s skin covering the clitoris is too tight leading disfigured shape and sexual dissatisfaction. This operation not just aesthetically enhances the area but allows the clitoris to greatly expand during sexual arousal. Recovery time can take up to two weeks, and during this time sitting, including driving not recommended.

The operation usually lasts between one to two hours and generally involves local anaesthetic, but sometimes general anaesthesia may be used. After the operation recovery takes time, but usually after some days within the operation patients can walk comfortably and in 4-6 weeks they can return to sexual activity.


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