Thigh lift surgery

A thigh lift surgery reshapes the thigh by removing excess fat deposited at different parts. Ageing and an improper diet are the most dangerous enemies of a firm, shapely thigh. Our accelerated lifestyles and frequent stops at fast-food joints tend to take their toll on the shape and size of our thighs. Patients are generally concerned about the fat deposits on certain parts of their thighs, which can be addressed by liposuction in most cases. However, thigh lift surgeries are necessary when the amount of sagging skin cannot be treated by liposuction only. A thigh lift surgery is an excellent way to regain firm thighs.

The procedure of thigh lift surgery

The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, and the operation requires about 1-2 hours. The incisions are made on the inner side of the thigh or the pubic area, so that the scars remain hidden. After a thigh lift surgery patients stay at the hospital overnight, but wearing compression garments after leaving the hospital is of utmost importance.

After surgery

The sutures are normally removed 2 weeks after the surgery, but compression garment is to be worn for another 4 to 6 weeks. For 1 month following the thigh lift surgery, patients must refrain from any physical activity, for 2 weeks after the sutures are removed even doing sport is discouraged. The permanent shape of the thigh will be seen at the end of the following month. Some visible scars are expected, but with time they improve and eventually only a thin line remains.

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