Body contouring surgery for men

Thigh lift surgery

It is inevitable that the thigh will lose its firmness after a while. During the thigh plastic surgery, the excess fat deposited on some parts of the thigh is removed, thereby helping the thighs to regain their elasticity and former shape.

Arm lift surgery

Upper arm plastic surgery is performed when the elasticity of the skin tissues decreases over time or as a result of sudden, large-scale weight loss, and excess skin develops or excessive fat deposits are encountered.

Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty

The skin on the abdominal wall, along with the layer of fat beneath it, can sag very easily. Abdominoplasty removes excess tissue, tightens sagging abdominal skin, restores loose abdominal wall muscles, and eliminates excess fat.

Calf Implants, Calf Augmentation

The formation of a shapeless and thin calf can also be caused by a problem with birth or an accident. In these cases, by implant implantation, the desired charges are readily available.


During liposuction, a larger amount of subcutaneous fat deposited in different, structurally specific areas of the body is removed without major surgical scars. Liposuction can be used to reshape the outline of the body.


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