Our prices are for information only.
The final amount may vary depending on the patient.

Full face treatment in general anesthesia2500-2900 EUR
Mini face lifting in general anesthesia2000-2400 EUR
Neck lift in general anesthesia2000-2300 EUR
Secondary rhinoplasty in general anesthesia3000-3500 EUR
Full rhinoplasty in general anesthesia2500-3000 EUR
Rhinoplasty (only cartilage) in local anesthesia1500-1900 EUR
Rhinoplasty (only cartilage) in general anesthesia2100-2600 EUR
Low eyelid surgery in local anesthesia1000-1400 EUR
High eyelid surgery in local anesthesia900-1200 EUR
High eyelid surgery in local anesthesia with internal eyebrow lifting1300-1500 EUR
Full eyelid surgery2100-2500 EUR
Ear surgery in local anesthesia1100-1400 EUR
Breast reduction in general anesthesia2500-3000 EUR
Breast lifting in general anesthesia2200-2700 EUR
Breast implants/prothesis in general anesthesia3500-4100 EUR
Breast implants/prosthesis + lifting in general anesthesia3700-4400 EUR
Fat transfer breast augmentation - LipoLife Beautifill technic3400-4200 EUR
Fat transfer breast augmentation - Traditional technic3100-3800 EUR
Breast augmentation with Macrolan3200-4000 EUR
Tummy tuck in general anesthesia2500-2900 EUR
Liposuction - Laser aided LipoLife Beautifill technic / body parts
(one body part=palm-sized)
450 EUR
Liposuction - Traditional / body parts
(one body part=palm-sized)
300 EUR
Butt augmentation with implants in general anesthesia3500-3900 EUR
Butt reduction in general anesthesia2500-2900 EUR
Full botox treatment400 EUR
Wrinkle filling(with hyaluron acid or restylane emervel)350-500 EUR
Lip filling (with hyaluron acid or restylane emervel)450-650 EUR
Permalip upper or lower lip (one area)950 EUR
Permalip both (upper and lower lips)1800 EUR
– Face - LipoLife Beautifill technic1700-2300 EUR
– Face1500-2000 EUR
– Calf - LipoLife Beautifill technic2800-3400 EUR
– Calf2500-2900 EUR
– Butt (Brazilian butt lift) - LipoLife Beautifill technic3900-4900 EUR
– Butt (Brazilian butt lift)3500-4500 EUR
Calf augmentation in general anesthesia3100- 3700 EUR
Thighplasty1650-1980 EUR
Brachioplasty2500-2800 EUR
Labiaplasty1100-1400 EUR
Anesthesia with one-day recovery600 EUR

According to NAV, purely aesthetic surgeries are subject to VAT.
The above prices are VAT-free, the assessment of what intervention is subject to VAT will take place during the consultation, according to the current guidelines developed by the Hungarian Restorative Aesthetic Society.


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